What Can You as an Employer Do to Manage Stress in the Workplace?

Oct 16, 2019 | Uncategorized

As an employer, what can you do to help employees manage stress in the workplace if you do not have a Human Resources Department.

First you can ensure that you and your managers have some training on what stress is and how to recognize it in your employees. The second thing you can do is ensure you and your managers role model managing workplace stress.

The third thing you can do is get information to your employees about what stress is; how it shows up in everyday life and how if personal stress is not managed, it will carry over into the workplace. Employee stress that is not managed will affect how employees do their job, how much attention they pay to safety; how well they solve problems, how well they work in a team.

All of these factors affect how productive and time efficient your workplace is with regards to goals and time lines being met, attention paid to policies and procedures, a team energy that thrives on success. A successful company means employees know their jobs are secure and that you can provide good wages and benefits which are incentives to maintain qualified long term employees.

As an employer make it your business to know and understand stress and what can you personally do about your own stress? A start would be to determine what are your stressors both personally and at work. Then do some problem solving as to what can you do to help reduce the sources of your stress which in itself will help you feel you are taking back control.

When you closely examine what is stressing you, you need to clearly accept what you can not change right now and understand some things are what they are, knowing as well that sometimes things will change with time.

One other simple practice is daily gratefulness for what you have in family, health and friends and your work. Start reading about what stress is and how it effects every system in your body, which will lead you to exercise, nutrition, reducing alcohol intake. Then, start learning techniques on how to relax. Your employees will notice the changes and the positive effect your leadership in managing stress will have on the workplace.

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